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Since the technical problems with this site have now been resolved (albeit with the aide of a new site addy), I am going to consolidate Twister Central 1 & 2 here. TC2 is still off line right now but the stories should begin to appear here in the near future. :)

X Marks the Spot

X-Files Fanfic by LeiLani
~ aka TwisterJester ~

What a difference a few months make! If you'll notice, there are several changes on this site. Among them, some fics are missing, and TC1 and TC2 are being consolidated.

For any new readers, I am now working on my first actual published effort, and some of the material I used in fan fiction is being reworked (only the original parts, of course!) into that effort.

You'll find some new links in the mix, along with a new look for the old ones. And I will likely continue to tinker with this site as time goes on. As ever, I enjoy your feedback. Please sign my guestbook, and hopefully this time I can keep all of the entries visible!

Home of the Mostly Harmless

Mightier Than The Sword Fanfic Archives

Relic Hunter Fan Fiction by LeiLani

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